Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Our Process

We incorporate green sand casting at Non-Ferrous Casting Company, which is one of the most inexpensive ways to make castings. By keeping tooling costs and casting costs down, you, our customer, can remain competitive with your costs. The process results in cost effectiveness and efficiency while still yielding high quality castings.

Core Making

We make both shell core and bench cores in house. Our two shell core machines can fit boxes of 12” x 18” while we can produce almost any size bench (oil sand) cores.


We are constantly committed to shipping out high quality castings:

  • Cutoff, sand, and blasting your casting is the first step in our finishing department. These three processes help bring your castings from the as cast state to a high finish state.
  • Visual inspection for defects or unsound properties in your castings.
  • We also offer certified heat-treating processes, material certification, non-destructive testing, polishing, and machining to meet your specifications.

We’re Ready To Handle Whatever You Throw At Us

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