Non-Ferrous Casting Company Inc. has specialized in aluminum, brass, and bronze castings for over 60 years. We provide high quality castings by using high quality alloys. We work with multiple smelters to ensure that your specifications are met.


At Non-Ferrous Casting Company Inc. we specialize in aluminum, brass, and bronze alloys.


We pour a wide range of aluminum alloys. Our markets for aluminum casting span government procurement, machine industry, robotics, gas and oil, and many others. Our most commonly used alloys are:

  • 319
  • 356
  • 535
  • 713
  • ZA-12


Large portions of our castings are brass castings. We manufacture brass castings for a variety of industries including: pump and pump housing, impeller, no-lead applications, and others. Some of our most commonly used brass alloys are:

  • C833
  • C834
  • C89833
  • C854


Another portion of our castings are bronze castings. Bronze castings usually are manufactured for specific purposes such as: durability, corrosion resistance, and high strength. We use a wide variety of alloys including:

  • C865
  • C873
  • C922
  • C932
  • C953-955

Find Out More About Alloys

We would be more than happy to examine your casting alloy needs if your specific alloy is not listed above.